• A Brief Overview of Types of Descriptive Essays - Guide 2022

    In descriptive writing, an essay writer needs to focus on even the small details of any object, place, or person. It’s a kind of creative, artistic writing in which you explain the topic so beautifully and descriptively that the reader can imagine its picture in their mind. You just need to go into the detailed analysis with depth so that you can create a visual picture with your words.

    This essay follows a specific format, consisting of five paragraphs, and it should be in chronological order. The more your thoughts will be organized in a descriptive essay, the more impact it will have on the readers. Moreover, the use of figurative language, such as metaphors, similes, and adjectives, can also help you enhance this specific essay’s effect.

    There are two main types of this essay type.


     Personal essay

    In this type of essay, the writer relies on personal experiences in which they explain the events with their own responses and emotions. For example, you can choose one day from your life or one activity, and then you can write an essay on it. It’s like you pour your feelings and emotions into words.

    This essay needs more attention and consideration because it can be more disorganized in explaining personal experiences. To write my essay, I used to focus more on online essay writer free than depth because the organization helps your essay run smoothly, which automatically brings creativity in writing.



    Reflecting on the long hiking day or explaining the rainy day


    Formal essay

    This essay type is more like an informative essay in which your main objective is to communicate the information or some specific key points. It can be argumentative and informative, and the author relies on specific points rather than on his emotions. For more help, you can also visit college essay writer free.



    This essay can be on any place, object, climate, religion, and culture.


    Other Types of Descriptive Writing

    Writing on a Person

    When you are writing about a person, you need to explain that person’s physical and emotional state so that the readers can imagine them in their minds. Therefore, when I write my paper, I try to keep the explanation very descriptive to arouse emotional responses among the readers.

    For example, if you are writing an essay on some religious or political figure, then along with physical details, you can also add some specific points to their personality.


    Writing on place or object

    When you are writing about the place or object, you can also focus on the physical surroundings and the environment. This type of essay gives you more room for the use of metaphoric language along with the physical description. It does not arouse emotional responses in the readers but allows them to picture the place or object in their mind.


    Writing on Memory or Travelling

    If you plan to write on some past event or memory that holds a significant place in your life, this essay is the best option for you. You can just dig into your schema and pick some traveling experience or memory for the essay.

    Writing this type of essay is like living the same experience again and again. But if you think there is someone else who can better explain your experience with good writing skills, then you can go for an online essay writer for free site. You just need to tell them about your experience, and they can assist you in writing about it in a better way.

    This descriptive writing gives you an opportunity to explore the objects, places, and even your memories in a better way. With it, you can also allow the readers to live your experiences and see the places and objects from your eyes.